For Immediate Release October 14, 2014

Contact: Damone Daniel (Program Director)


Nu Creation Outreach Did It Again

North Hollywood Ca. — To implement the goal of decreasing youth involved crime and applauding local talent, Nu Creation Outreach has opened a Center for Preforming Arts and is hosting a reality show and program titled Stars Night Reality Talent Show.

Nu Creation Outreach will seek local business owners throughout Los Angeles County to become sponsors of these worthwhile events, followed by recorded auditions, and four quarterly shows a year. Participants are required to maintain a (C) average, attend five different segments leading up to the show, (this includes help with complete their bio’s, to get stage performance lessons, and lectures from a student or professional in the field of their talent and interact with sponsors). These activities will be part of a countywide effort to broaden youth participants’ future and help them to learn how to value life more and will keep them less likely involved in the Juvenile Justice system or a victim of or involved in crime. “Because the saddest thing in life is wasted talent”. We believe this will also incidentally reduce the crime rates; this will bring peace, unity, and neighborly love back to Los Angeles County.

According to Damone Daniel Program Director, “By hosting Stars Night Reality Talent Show we will induce self-respect and make our participants feel like celebrities, even if it is for one night, they will always remember the night they were up on the stage and all of the eyes were looking at them and at that moment he/she was a star. A child cannot understand the importance and joy of achieving a big accomplishment like collage graduation unless we have shown them how good it feels accomplishing the small goals. This worth-wile program will develop knowledge about the industry to our youth participants.

Nu Creation Outreach just opened the Burbank Center For Performing Arts/Food Pantry located at 10835 Vanowen St #4 North Hollywood Ca 91606. This center will be open to the public by late October following a free to the public Halloween event; Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets and toy give away. This center houses two full recording studios with intern tec., a computer lab, lounge area, counseling room, clean rest rooms, food pantry, talent show auditions, youth programs (Nu Step Step-Team, Drug Free Army) and friendly volunteers.

Nu Creation Outreach activities are in partnership with Jazzin World Entertainment.

About Nu Creation Outreach

Nu Creation Outreach is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization that has operated youth centers and food pantries in Oakland, Bakersfield, San Bernardino, and Lancaster Ca. Although funding decreased in other areas forced us to relocate, we have made powerful impacts in people’s lives in the communities we serve. See our website @ also follow our struggles and achievements on For over five years Nu Creation Outreach has depended on the Nu Creations Free Speech Coalition to rise funding to keep programs running. Members of our group have been falsely arrested and acquitted for this success. We believe “He who has the ability to make a difference, has a responsibility to make a difference.” Let no one stop or destiny to make a change.



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